Martin M. Auz

Selected Works

Nonfiction Self-help
Handbook for Those Who Grieve: What You Should Know and What You Can Do during Times of Loss
"An essential reference, written in laymen’s language; a great service for the grieving."
--Martha Burke Tressler, bereavement ministry coordinator, Family Ministries Office, Archdiocese of Chicago
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Martin M. Auz began his studies in grief recovery in 1978 as an undergraduate. An introductory course, “Death and Dying,” introduced him to the works of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and piqued his interest in the subject.

Upon graduating from DePaul University, Martin began his career as a marketing director. He later became a freelance writer, contributing to the book The Orland Story-from Prairie to Pavement, which was awarded an Award of Excellence by the Congress of Illinois Historical Societies and Museums. In addition, he has written several articles for specialty magazines, inclu­ding Heritage Quest which is a magazine devoted to genealogical problems and solutions.

Concerned about corporate America’s lack of compassion for employees who are struggling with issues of caregiving, death, and grief, Martin conducted extensive research on the subject of organizational grief recovery. The death of his parents less than six months apart in 1997 expanded his interests to include the impact of both the sudden death of a loved one as well as the long-term care of a terminally ill parent.

With his newly-found personal experience in dealing with bereavement, caregiving, and grief, Martin coauthored, with Maureen Lyons Andrews, the book Handbook for Those Who Grieve: What You Should Know and What You Can Do during Times of Loss.

Martin works full time for the Department of Homeland Security but continues with his writing. He has expanded his work to include fiction, having just completed work on his first novel. Tentatively titled The Trials Through Which We Triumph, this work integrates some of the tenets of grief and grief recovery explored in Handbook for Those Who Grieve and incorporates them into the setting of the fictional Jonathan Newtraust family.